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When it comes to quality metal work, it pays to work with the very best in the business. Not all welding companies are created equal, and the old adage that you get what you pay for is doubly true when it comes to welding, metal work and metal fabrication. We are Blue Star Fabrication MT LLC, and we have a broad range of metal services, including mobile welding, and we can meet just about any need that you have in the area. Thanks for visiting our website and taking the time to learn a bit more about what we do. You'll find more specific information on individual pages on the site. 

  • Mobile welding - Whatever your welding needs, we can bring our equipment and services to you. You may have a trailer or truck that needs work from a professional welder. We can handle it for you with the best quality at reasonable prices. We perform industrial welding and we work with both cast iron and structural steel materials. 
  • Metal works - When you need something made of metal, we can do it for you, and you won't get better results from any other welding company in the area. We are experts at gate making and blacksmith techniques, and we design and repair all sorts of metal object, including furniture, cattle guards, gates and more. Our expertise is wide ranging, and we have experienced welders on staff that can perform work with just about any metal process you may require. 
  • Metal fabrication - We have the very best in metal fabrication techniques in western Montana and Corvallis, MT, including milling, lathe, powder coating, anodizing, drilling and more. We are truly turnkey.
Call us today for all of your metal work needs in Corvallis, MT. 

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