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Sometimes when you need something welded, like a gate, a metal structure or a truck, it is not always convenient or possible to haul it into a shop. We are Blue Star Fabrication MT LLC, and we are here to meet your needs for everything when it comes to metal. And one of our biggest services is mobile welding in Corvallis, MT. With over 22 years of experience we know our business, and we know that convenience is something that our customers expect and deserve. And we deliver by bringing our full welding expertise right to your job site. 

  • Do you need a great welder? - Our welding technicians are the very best in the area. They are all trained to work on many different welding techniques and with different metal materials such as cast iron and structural steel. 
  • Mobile structural welding - We work on spot welds with our mobile welding in Corvallis, MT, and we can also perform any structural welding you might require. Structural welding is important in maintaining the integrity of gate systems, frames and other load-bearing metal works. You definitely want to hire a professional with any structural welding jobs, and we are the company that can get it done for you right. 
  • Total welding solutions - We work with just about any metal material you may have as a job requirement, and we know all of the intricacies of dealing with different types of materials. 
  • Structural steel - In addition to iron, structural steel jobs are one of our specialties with the business. 
We are very experienced and reliable on each and every job we do.When you have metal issues or problems, we have solutions. 

Please call us today for a free estimate on your mobile welding in Corvallis, MT.

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